GoodWorks is a new publication devoted to providing thoughtful, uplifting and informative stories from the not-for-profit world.  We take you behind the scenes to highlight the real work and positive outcomes from a motley crew of nonprofits and social enterprises. By drawing on a burgeoning collection of hundreds of organisations, we cover everything from art and public health to social justice and the environment.


In a media environment often filled with bleak or frivolous reports (and a heavy focus on crime), we aim to create an alternative media model: one that recognizes the problems in our community but chooses to emphasise what is being done to combat and resolve them. There are innumerable people working to make the world a better place and we believe their efforts should not be overlooked but instead be highlighted and admired.

GoodWorks gives a voice to these organisations and the people or projects they’re helping. Whether big or small, a women’s health advocate or an artist with a cause, we showcase their work and their stories, focusing on the communities, issues and people for whom they are fighting. We’re equally interested in social enterprises and the innovations they champion to solve social challenges in the community.


Wendy Love | Founder & Editor



The idea behind GoodWorks came after I resigned from my job as a journalist in the USA to come back to Australia and lay down some roots. My reporting career was incredibly hard to leave behind, but when I settled back in Australia I realised I could focus on what had become the most enjoyable part of my job: writing about the inspiring work of not-for-profits.

Before discovering the nonprofit landscape as an invaluable go-to source for so many of my stories, I was relatively inexperienced when it came to understanding the sheer size and variety of the sector. The creativity and innovation in tackling the many issues in the community awed me. Whether it’s an organisation dedicated to helping people cope with cancer or a passionate group of like-minded artists hoping to bring change through creativity, not-for-profits are as diverse as the communities in which they work.

See a selection of my past work. Some of my favourites include a piece on urbanism and another on electric cars.